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Are you looking for earth kind travel swaps for your toiletry bag? Have read of Sparkles Eco Shop guide to the top 5 eco-friendly toiletries for zero waste travel. Here are my favourite vegan friendly swaps:

1. Shampoo Bar

I am a huge fan of these bars, the ones I stock are also suitable for hard water areas, there is no transition period and no conditioner is needed.

2. Solid Body Wash

Aka traditional soap bars, these are absolute winners and it was one of my very first eco swaps. They are handmade in the U.K., palm our free and contain zero nasty ingredient.

3. Toothpaste Tablets & Travel Tin

These minty fresh pearly whites tablets are packaged in a refillable aluminium tin. They replace plastic toothpaste tubes. All you need to do is chew, add some water, brush and spit out..”so fresh, so sparkling”

4. Repurposed Cotton Toiletry Bag

These bags are so versatile, I also use them to store my make up and washable sanitary towels. The bags are handmade in a little workshop in East London using 100% cotton.

5. 100% Recyclable Bamboo Toothbrush

Includes a prepaid envelope to return the bristles back to the company, who will ensure they are recycled correctly. For every 1 brush purchased, I will arrange for a tree to be planted on your behalf.

I hope you have found this mini travel list useful. Thanks so much for reading, feel free to share it. Eco Sparkly Wishes, Sparkles x

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My 5 Sustainable Swaps

Here are the first eco friendly changes we made at home. It inspired me to take a leap of sparkly faith and set up my online shop.

  1. We ditched the standard toothbrushes and switched to bamboo ones with recyclable plastic bristles.

  2. Plastic bottles of shampoo, conditioner, liquid hand soap and shower gel were replaced with bars of soap, solid shampoo/conditioner.

  3. Disposable makeup wipes were switched to 100% reusable cotton pads.

  4. Disposable plastic sanitary towels were replaced with washable cotton sanitary pads.

  5. Standard plastic laundry detergent was replaced with plant-based plastic free laundry sheets.

I hope this little snippet into my eco path helps you with yours. We don’t need to strive for perfection, if each person made a little daily would make a big positive difference over time.

Eco Sparkly Wishes,

Kate aka Sparkles x

I am fortunate to be able to test out products before they make their debut in my shop. Here's my top list which cut the mustard.

1. Coconut Dish Scourers - They resemble doughnuts and are a fantastic alternative to a plastic bristled dish brush, I place them in the dishwasher to sanitise after using everyday.

2. Ergonomic Cleaning Sponges - These beauties are so comfortable to hold and are superb for cleaning the bathroom too. I place them in the dishwasher to sanitise at the end of each day (can you spot the running theme?).

3. Reusable Cotton UnPaper Towels - An absolute game changer, I love that they are handmade in the UK and are so versatile. I use them for countertops, windows, mirrors and for polishing tables. They are soft enough for cleaning mucky hands and faces and make beautiful napkins for summer picnics/barbies (when the rain stays away).

4. Coconut Bottle & Jar Cleaning Brush - Such a useful item for reusable stainless bottles, wine glasses and tall glass jars. It also looks very cool by the kitchen sink in a repurposed jam jar.

5. Plastic Free Reusable Cleaning Gloves - I couldn't leave these absolute gems off the list, they are so durable and work really well for a number of tasks including, general household cleaning, decorating (I get so much paint on my hands when I am let loose on the walls). I also like them for light gardening tasks such as picking up leaves and for pulling up never ending weeds.