All the wild flower seed listed in our Wild Flower Mixture is genuine native seed collected from either wild population or wild flowers grown on the nurseries (the seed originating from wild stock).

The basic grasses in our mixtures are not from wild stock but are suitable grasses recommended by English Nature. We include some native grasses where appropriate species are available.

This mixture contains 80% grass 20% wild flower mix.

Contains 22 native species which are frequently found in grassland on heavier soils subject to occassional or seasonal water-logging.
Suitable for low lying areas on clays and silts, or locations with poor drainage.


Wild Flower Native Species:


Bird's Trefoil,

Black Medick,

Buttercup Meadow,

Campion White,



Knapweed Common,

Knapweed Greater,

Lady's Bedstraw,


Oxeye Daisy,

Plantain Hoary,

Plantain Ribwort,

Salad Burnet,

Scabious Field,


Sorrel Common,


Wild Carrot,


Yellow Rattle.


Grass Species:

Browntop Bent,

Chewings Fescue,

Crested Dog's Tail,

Meadow Foxtail,

Rough Stalked Meadow Grass,

Sheeps Fescue,

Smooth-stalked Meadow Grass,

Sweet Vernal Grass,

Tufted-hair Grass.

Shipping: Due to the current  unfortunate COVID -19 circumstances, orders are currently being shipped within  7 - 10 days. Royal Mail are working very hard to keep the postal service operating. Thank you so much for supporting my business and I really appreciate your patience. Keep well and safe all. Sparkles and the Turtle.

Wildflower Mix for Heavy Clay Soil (Pack size 5g)

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