The Magic of Sleep A Bedside Companion (Paperback)
The Magic of Sleep
A Bedside Companion
Author Michael Acton Smith

Beautifully illustrated and packed with fascinating facts and anecdotes, this book contains life-changing tips. At once a bedside companion and a sleeping aide, The Magic of Sleep will be your solution to a better sleeping life, improving each of your waking hours.
- Reduce your sleepless nights by finding the perfect soundtrack for dozing off
- Learn the new science of sleep, including how to create ideas while you're asleep
- Discover the best recipes for home-made drinks that will make you drowsy
- Get to know your subconscious by starting a sleep journal and exploring lucid dreaming
It's time to optimize sleep.

Imprint: Penguin Life
Published: 24/10/2019
ISBN: 9780241987469
Length: 240  Pages
Dimensions: 210mm x 18mm x 148mm

The Magic of Sleep A Bedside Companion (Paperback)


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