Plant Therapy & Wellbeing by Dr Katie Cooper  (Hardback)
Plant Therapy
How an indoor green oasis can improve your mental and emotional wellbeing
Katie Cooper

Dr. Katie Cooper is a psychologist, plant enthusiast and founder of Bloombox Club, an online plant subscription service and shop that helps people to rediscover the joys and wellbeing benefits of living with plants.  

A stylish yet practical book, Plant Therapy brings together two major trends – house plants and wellbeing – and enhances the value of both through making clear their connection with one another. When research has shown that the presence of plants can decrease blood pressure, increase productivity, and calm anxiety, both at home and at work, why wouldn’t you pick up this book and create your own calming oasis?

Plant Therapy showcases the theory behind the recent surge in the ‘self-care’ approach to living with plants, no matter what your environment. We all know that being in or surrounded by nature is good for our health, but few of us take the time to understand why. 

As urbanization swallows up ecosystems, and humans move away from the environments they’ve adapted to, it has never been more important to understand the relationship between plants and people.

ISBN: 9781784883522 Format: Hardback 
Pages: 160 
Dimensions: 23cm x 19cm
 Weight: 690g 
 Publisher: Hardie Grant London Published: 17 September 2020

Plant Therapy & Wellbeing by Dr Katie Cooper (Hardback)


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