Organic Loofah Scouring Pads (Pack of 5)
Organic Dishwashing Sponges are a fantastic alternative to sponges or scourers that contain harmful, single-use plastics that can’t be recycled. 

Made from organically sourced loofah 
plant, the sponges possess a texture that is coarse enough to give you plenty of scrubbing power to remove those stubborn marks without causing any scratches to your pots and pans. Equipped with hanging loops, you hang each of the 5 included scrubbers on any racks, or over your taps.

Each sponge has an approximate lifespan around 4-6 weeks (dependant on usage) that’s nearly 5 months worth in one purchase.

Once you’re ready to move onto a new sponge, simply throw in the compost bin at home. 

Dimensions: 7cm x 11cm (0.5cm thick)

Organic Loofah Scouring Pads (Pack of 5)


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