Wild Flower Seeds Mix (1g supply will cover up to 1sq metre) Includes a kraft gift box & cotton pouch.

This seed pack contains an easy-to-grow mix of UK native wildflower seeds, ideal for your wildlife garden. The beautiful wildflowers will attract bees, butterflies as well as wild birds.  The seeds are safe for pollinators as they are grown without the use of bee & butterfly killing neonicotinoids.

The seeds may be sown into prepared raked ground in Spring or Autumn directly into the space where they are to flower. Choose a sunny position, that has ideally poor, infertile soil. Autumn sown seed will flower the following Summer.

Average pack content 1 gram of mixed seed per sachet. Will cover up to approximately 1 square metre.

Seed Mix contains following species:
Corn Marigold
Corn Chamomile
Corn Poppy
Ox Eye Daisy
Corn Cockle

Sow: March - May or September - October

Flowering: August - September or May - July

How to sow seeds:

1. Remove any existing grass, plants or flora 

2. Remove the top 5-10cm to reduce soil fertility 

3. Remove stones and other debris and rake the area to create a fine, level seedbed 

4. Scatter the seed at a rate of 5g per m2 

5. Lightly rake the area to cover the seed and water well 

Aftercare information:

In August / September of the first year you have sown your wildflower seed, cut your wildflower sward to 7cm after flowering – you can do this by putting your mower on a high setting. In most cases remove clippings* (Note: a late spring sowing will result in late flowering). Do not be tempted fertilise or add top soil to this area – wildflowers prefer poor soil conditions, and this is how they should stay. Continue this same process, year after year. *If you have annual wildflowers in your mix and you do not wish them to return the following year, remove the clippings. If you want your wildflowers to return the following year - let them go to seed head, and manually assist their self-seeding by firming the seed heads into the soil. By doing this, your annuals will return the following year.

If you’ve sown your wildflower seeds in September / October (autumn);

In March / April of the first year of sowing your wildflower seed, make sure there is sufficient material to mow – your wildflowers / grasses should be at a height of 10cm. If your wildflowers are at this height, mow to 7cm no later than mid-April, as this will delay their blooming process. In August / September, after they have bloomed, cut your wildflower meadow again to 7cm, remove all clippings unless you want your annuals to return. If you wish for your annual wildflowers to make a reappearance the following spring, follow the process above by letting the seed heads drop into the soil, and give them a helping hand by firming them into the soil.

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