Straigth/Single point needles of the finest Japanese bamboo.

The Eco needles gradually get sharper, making the needles ideal for all types of yarns and projects.

Bamboo is known to be both strong and lightweight. This light weight ensures that the pins are comfortable to use and enables you to crochet for hours without getting sore hands and fingers.

The head of the pins are made of wood and has a beautiful green color that seamlessly compliments the bright bamboo. The needles are available in three different lengths: 25cm (10"), 30 cm (12") and 33 cm (13"), and in sizes from 2-10 mm/ US 0-15.

The jumper needles are a great choice for beginners, as bamboo needles are easy to handle and provide good control.

Japanese Bamboo Straigth/Single point Needles


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