Edible Flowers Passion Fruit Seeds (Pack of 45 Seeds)
Passion Fruit Edible mix is a passion flower that produces very fragrant, tropical looking flowers followed by the edible fruits. The fruiting type is best grown under glass / conservatory as it will not tolerate UK winter outdoors apart from the most sheltered location in the south. 

Plants will usually flower and produce fruit in their second year.

Can be grown in a container, indeed constraining the roots in a 12in pot will limit the plants size and encourage it to fruit.

Cultivation Advice Passion Fruit Edible mix

Sow in late winter/late spring or late summer/autumn.
Seeds must be pre-soaked for 24 hrs started in hand hot water.
Sow in fine seed compost and just cover with ¼” of the growing medium.
Germination temperature 22-25C.  They will not germinate on a standard windowsill and will need additional warmth.
Germination between 2-6 weeks depending on conditions provided.
Seedlings can be pricked out when large enough to handle and potted on as required.  Take care to minimise damage to the roots as this can inhibit growth.

Edible Flowers Passion Fruit Seeds (Pack of 45 Seeds)


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