Bio Degradable Black Refuse Sacks (70 Litres) Roll of 10
Roll of 10 degradable rubbish bags by D2W

Each bag is 74 x 86cm (29" x 34"), and holds 70 litres. Will fit a rim size of 148cm (56")

Show that you care for the environment with these degradable plastic bags. After its useful life this unique product will degrade totally and harmlessly. The bags will leave nothing more than water, carbon dioxide and a very small amount of biomass.

D2W is a trademark of Symphony Environmental Technologies Plc which was established in 1995 and is now a world leader in the development of degradable plastics.

Although plastic has a great many benefits as a resilient and versatile material there are also a number of drawbacks. What happens to it when we have finished using it? Plastic resists oxidation and decomposition and so plastic waste is highly visible and often ends up in land fill or in the oceans where it can last for decades.

Bio Degradable Black Refuse Sacks (70 Litres) Roll of 10


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