Alpine Strawberry Regina (Pack of 500 Seeds)
A heavy-cropping, sweet-tasting alpine strawberry with Intensely red, sweet and very richly flavored much larger fruits than most alpine types. Heavy cropper that yields all summer.

Cultivation Advice:

Strawberry Seeds germinate best after cold treatment. Place the sealed packet in the freezer for 2-4 weeks. Let them warm up slowly.

Sow late February onwards in seed trays or pots and only very lightly cover to hide seed.
Keep moist and semi-shady.
Ideal germination temperature 65°f.
When the plants get their second set of true leaves, thin them out, leaving three to four inches between plants. Or, replant them into separate containers.

Once the plants are big enough to plant in the garden, remember to introduce them to the outdoors gradually.
Do not plant strawberries where potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, or raspberries have grown within three years

Alpine Strawberry Regina (Pack of 500 Seeds)


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