ABC Earth-Friendly Me: From Action to Zero Waste(Boardbook)
ABC for Me: ABC Earth-Friendly Me: This superb book is filled with beautiful illustrations of all the wonderful things children can do to help the Earth. 

About the Author
Christiane Engel is an award-winning illustrator and author. Her work can be found in a huge variety of kids' books all over the world.

Pairing aspects of eco-friendly living with each letter of the alphabet, ABC Earth-Friendly Me is not only perfect for teaching young children their ABCs, but also for encouraging them to be aware of the impact they have on the environment.  

The content empowers young children, showing them that even their small choices make a big difference. And the engaging illustrations and simple concepts introduce children to an eco-friendly lifestyle. To help, kids can plant flowers for pollinating bees, eat more fruits and vegetables, share or swap old toys, help their parents air-dry laundry, and learn about animals and their habitats.  Environmental terms throughout, such as "pollination," "biodegradable," "pollution," and "preservation," have easy-to-understand, kid-friendly definitions in the back of the book. And a spread elaborating on additional things kids can do, such as riding a bike, creating a new toy from old stuff, and hunting for a unique pre-owned item at the thrift store, are easy and fun ways to help out! ABC Earth-Friendly Me shows that every member of the family—even the smallest one—can protect our planet Earth.  

This is the perfect book to inspire the next generation of eco-conscious kids, while teaching them the alphabet at the same time. Learning the ABCs has never been so green and so much fun.

Board book: 36 pages
ISBN-10	1600588808
ISBN-13	978-1600588808
23.62 x 2.16 x 23.62 cm
Reading level: 3 - 6 years
Publisher: Walter Foster Jr; Illustrated edition: (14 July 2020)
Language:	English

ABC Earth-Friendly Me: From Action to Zero Waste(Boardbook)


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